Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott ACTIVELY TRYING For Baby #2!


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Kylie Jenner may soon be expanding her girl gang as multiple sources reveal she’s ready and trying for baby number two…

What’s up guys, it’s Emile back here on Clevver News, and did you really think the Kardashian/Jenner clan was done growing? Yeah, fat chance. These guys dispense offspring like a candy machine dispenses gumballs, so news of Kylie Jenner possibly expanding her little party of three really isn’t thaaaat shocking.

A source told People Magazine that Ky is QUOTE, “very happy with her life” with her boyfriend Travis Scott and their almost-two-year-old daughter Stormi, who, by the way is currently living her best 17-month-old-Jordyn-Woods-replacement life with her girls in Turks and Caicos to celebrate the launch of Kylie Skin… must be nice, right?

The source went on to add QUOTE, “Kylie loves being a mom and can’t wait to give Stormi a sibling. Everyone thinks Kylie will be pregnant with her second baby soon. They are trying.” Things seem to be getting so serious between the family that Kylie and Travis are even discussing marriage.

Again, none of this comes as much of a surprise considering Kylie has made it very known that she wants Stormi to be a big sister. She recently opened up about wanting another little girl last month when she responded to a friend who wrote, “Perfect lil family now give Stormi a brother” to which Ky quickly resoponded, “Sister!!!”

She even told James Charles during her guest appearance in one of his makeup tutorials that she would have an entire litter of ladies before she’d think about having a boy, saying, “I do want to have more — when, is the question. Like, I want seven girls and then maybe I’ll consider having a boy.”

Although another source revealed to E! News that Ky is planning on having her second baby as soon as next year, we’ll be taking that with a grain of salt considering who are these sources and where are they getting this information… on the other hand, shall we start taking bets on what time next year? Anyway, get to talking down here in the comments.

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  1. If it’s a boy it will be something like Knight or Sir. If it’s a girl it will be like Kahlua or Starshine.


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