Sulli Reportedly In A Relationship With Non-Celebrity Brand Director!


Sulli Reportedly In A Relationship With Non-Celebrity Brand Director!
Earlier today, it was reported that Sulli is in a relationship with non-celebrity brand director Kim Min Joon.
via: koreaboo
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  1. When people come leave their company:
    Type 1: became even more successful than they were for example kris
    Type 2: becomes a gold digger and bitch

    • The Violet you can think this way but think better about “Moving on” ask someone if a person leave her boyfriend just 3 week ago and become in a relationship with another rich guy who is a director of a brand what is she? A player that is used for guys probably would say a bitch or gold digger

    • +Taehyungie 10 ur free to say that cause u dont even have answers from my questions lol. I also dont wanna waste my time with you, so yeah go on with that pathetic judgement. Youre not good either if you do that. Good luck

    • The Violet it’s a comment and it’s democracy we can say what we like and we are free to say our opinion about anything even president so don’t stop me

    • +Taehyungie 10​ it’s like ur asking yourself, how do you know she’s being a gold digger?? and how being in a relationship is called a bitch by someone like you, when she doesnt even know & care about people like you. Do you need to interfere in every business of hers?

    • The Violet first how do you know I’m not rich second this man that she currently is with is a director of a brand can’t you see it?


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