Demi Lovato Kicks Off Tour & Brings Survivors Of Florida School Shooting ONSTAGE


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Demi Lovato kicked off her Tell Me You Love Me tour on Monday and she is using it to help the victims and survivorsof the Parkland shooting heal.

Our girl Demi is a huge mental health advocate, and she is using her stage to send a message…literally.

BODY On Monday evening, superstar Demi Lovato invited a group of survivors of the Parkland shooting on Stage and asked the 7000 plus fans there to help provide mental health support for the Parkland community.

Check it out:

Demi explained in an interview with CBS this morning that she was so affected by the images of the Florida school shooting that she personally reached out to some of the students on social media and she was concerned about their mental health after living through such a terrible tragedy. The Grammy-nominated singer is not shy about advocating with mental health as she’s become quite vocal about her living with bipolar disorder for the last 8 years.

3 days after the shooting, she tweeted QUOTE “Does anyone know how to get in touch with Emma Gonzalez?”, the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas student who gave a fiery speech condemning adults for failing to protect children. Later that same day, she said, QUOTE
“Got in touch with her. Thank you guys so much.” Safe to say that probably had something to do with inviting them to the stage on Monday. Mike Bayer, who runs an addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, and to whom Demi credits a lot of her recovery, said on CBS that QUOTE «A lot of Demi’s music, it allows for healing, and it’s how do you turn sadness or just a tragic situation into inspiration and empowerment,». That was part of the motivation for welcoming the survivors to the concert. Demi is obviously very concerned about the metal well being of these teenagers, and while they were on stage encouraged her fans to donate to a fund in their support while emphasizing quote that ‘This isn’t about politics, this is about community.”

Well, what do you think of Demi bringing the survivors on stage? How proud are you of her for taking stand? let us know all of your thoughts in the comment section below and When you’re done with that make sure to click right over here to check out Demi’s reunion with Wilmer Valderrama. Oh, and if you want to donate to the fund in question, you can text CAST to 74747. Thank you so much for watching Clevver News, I’m Zoë Lillian and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. This is what REAL activism and using your voice and platform for something that actually matters looks like.
    Most of her peers can’t relate with their fake white feminism and activism, only speaking up when there’s something in it for them or when it helps their brand…

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