Khloe Kardashian Opens Up About Kim’s Robbery & Talks Kimye Divorce Rumors On The Today Show

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To say a lot goes on in the Kardashian world is an understatement, but Kim K’s big robbery is still the only thing anyone could talk about.
It’s been months since the infamous Parisian heist shook up Kim’s world and with the latest development being that 17 people were arrested for their possible involvement in the robbery, many are wondering how the family is dealing with the new information. And that’s where Khloe comes in. During her interview on the Today show, the ‘Revenge Body’ star opened up about this week’s break in the case and called the recent arrests a huge relief.
But what probably brought their family even MORE relief is the fact that the first suspect in Kim’s case has been officially charged. According to TMZ, on Thursday, the French authorities pressed charges against a 63-year-old man who was one of the people arrested in connection to the robbery.
He has been ID’d as Yunice A. and is reportedly facing charges of armed robbery in an organized gang, kidnapping, and criminal association. Yunice will remain locked up and in custody for now.
While justice will slowly prevail for Kim and her family, Khloe revealed that the incident has not and will not change the way the family lives their life on the gram.
Not only did Khloe address the updates on Kim’s case, she also kinda addressed all of those nasty Kimye divorce rumors, but at the same time, she didn’t really say anything at all. When asked if whether Kim’s latest family videos and photos were a response to the rumors of her marriage being on the rocks, here’s what KoKo had to say.
She dodged that question like the true pro that she is. Now that was definitely a lot to take in, but what are your thoughts on everything going on in Kim’s life right now? Do you think her robbery should’ve been a wake-up call for their whole family? Let me know in the comment section below!
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5 respuestas a «Khloe Kardashian Opens Up About Kim’s Robbery & Talks Kimye Divorce Rumors On The Today Show»

  1. she could of been raped

  2. Avatar de Sumaya Hashi
    Sumaya Hashi

    TBH what the robbers did were heartless and so cruel but if they get
    charged worse just because they robbed Kim kardashian I find it unfair,
    they should be charged like how anyone else who did armed robbery would be

  3. Avatar de sybil dimkpa
    sybil dimkpa

    @least dy’re doing something…. U guys r just jealous coz everybdy has his
    or her own destiny and way of life

  4. Avatar de Girl With The Scar
    Girl With The Scar

    Khloe is my favourite Kardashian

  5. Avatar de Rachel J
    Rachel J

    Why do they always walk out from behind the tv, like a creep.

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