Ariana Grande LOVED Mac While Dating Other Guys- Kendall Jenner’s Strange Hidden Talent (DHR)


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Ariana says she’s loved Mac all along? Kendall shows of strange talent on Corden. All this & more on today’s DHR.

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5 Comentarios

  1. i love ari but lets be real here, if she had a thing for one guy, why waste time with others? if you wanted mac and wasn’t ready for him then why even let other guys think they the only one you want? especially jai brooks who loved you so much and wanted to marry you and you shaddered his heart because you didn’t know who you wanted and led them all on. she led jai, mac, and nathan on. i love you ari but seriously, i always knew there was some truth to jai’s aligations when he said you was cheating on him (there is proof as well). she even admit while dating jai that she had a thing for nathan and now she has had a thing for mac too the entire time? how do you love 3 guys at once? she also said the same thing about big sean. like girl how do you love every single guy you’ve been with so much and promise then the world but love someone else as well?

  2. Misty & Sinéad, you were great on this episode. Here are my thoughts: First, I’m sure Lady Gaga will do great at Coachella, even though she’s replacing Beyoncé. I’m sure she’ll deliver on her performance. Second, I’m not surprised that Katy & Orlando would break up, so let’s just hope that they can still remain on good terms. Third, the «Hidden Talents» segment on James Corden’s show was awesome to watch. Fourth, the trailer for «13 Reasons Why» looks intense and dramatic, and I’m sure it’s going to be just as intense when it premieres. Fifth, I’m sure Ariana had a lot to say about Mac in her interview. To answer your final questions, I’m going to have to find out what my hidden talent is, and we’ll have to see how long Ariana & Mac last. Thanks for a fun DHR. #Clevverettes

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