Hailee Steinfeld Sings At Vigil For 16-Year-Old Fan

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She was supposed to see Hailee perform this summer but unfortunately passed away due to a fatal go-carting accident. Leah was not just a big fan of music, she also was an active member of the field hockey team, and a cheerleader. It appears as if the whole town came out in support for the friends and family affected such a sudden loss.

Before performing an acoustic version of her song “ starving”, Hailee came out to say a few things to honor the late sophomore. She said QUOTE “Thank you guys all so much for asking me to come here and honor Leah,” — “you all had so many incredible things to say about her, I really would have loved to have met her..” It’s safe to say Hailee did an incredible thing for an incredible girl.

Leah’s teacher tweeted at Hailee on Tuesday, and after a few hours it had gained massive traction, finally reaching the singer herself. After the vigil, Steinfeld tweeted a photo with the phrase “Fly High Leah” to show her comradery.

Alright guys what did you think of Hailee’s wonderful gesture? Does this make you love her even more? Get that discussion going in the comment section down below, and send some good vibes to Leah’s family, they could use it. When you’re done with that, be sure to click right over here to check out other times celebrities have paid it forward. I’m tom plumley, thanks for watching.

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5 respuestas a «Hailee Steinfeld Sings At Vigil For 16-Year-Old Fan»

  1. Avatar de Sofia Flores
    Sofia Flores

    That is so sweet of her and it was nice that she took the time to go when the next morning she had to be in Dallas

  2. Avatar de Nicoleboss14

    thats sooo nice of Hailee super sweet!<3 rip Leah<3

  3. Avatar de Megan Perez
    Megan Perez

    Rip ❤❤

  4. Avatar de username invalid
    username invalid

    this is amazing

  5. A student asked me to post this on my activism account and i was to glad to see that maybe i helped a bit in this. Rip leah. ❤

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