New Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Trailer Introduces Star-Lord’s Dad & More Baby Groot


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The brand new Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 2 trailer has arrived and we’re breaking it down right now
Get ready to meet Starlord’s father
The brand new action-packed trailer for Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 2 takes us deep into the plot of the second installment of the hit Marvel franchise by introducing us to some new faces, including the man we’ve all been waiting to meet, Ego, AKA Peter Quill’s father, played by Kurt Russell.
In the first movie, we got to know Starlord and understand his mysterious parentage, so it’s not surprising that he is completely shocked to come face to face with his old man.
Yeah, definitely doesn’t look like Peter was planning on meeting up with his dad anytime soon, but it’s not the only conflict he’ll have to handle this time around. The trailer gives us an incredible look at the entire gang in action as they go up against a brand new golden villain.
She looks pretty intense but, as we learned from the first film, this gang is tough, especially with a whole lot more Nebula action. But it’s not all dramatic fight sequences. The comedy In the sequel is sure to be top notch once again.
Baby Groot is JUST THE BEST. Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 2 hits theatres in May but until then we’ve now got a few trailers to watch plus this awesome new poster just revealed also, and of course, we can talk all about the new footage together!
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  1. Did anyone think that the blue huge dude was his father….!! I don’t believe that the dude is his father, I don’t think they would tell us in the trailer not the FIRST OR SECOND ONE atleast. Like come on man… But I dunno

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