12 Most EMBARRASSING Throwback Kim K Tweets


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Back in the day, Kim K and her Blackbery were like two peas in a pod and that blackberry did its duty to it’s country by being the outlet through which Kim unleashed her inner thoughts on Twitter. That Blackberry has since passed on, but it’s memory lives on through Kim’s tweet receipts. These are our favorites.
That time when Kim’s stomach and butt turned on her after too much traveling and she tweeted – “Ok dolls, going to bed. Not feeling like myself tonight. All this traveling is giving me diarrhea. Goodnight!”
Then there was the time when Kim fangirled over Mary J. Blige but said it like this – “Just saw Mary J. Blidge walk by me in Beverly Hills, she is the dopest!!! What’s your favorite Mary Song?”
How about that time when Kim figured out how AC works tweeting – “I hate air conditioning. It always gives me a cold.”
This next one is a common misconception, but girlfriend thought french fries were actually french and tweeted – “French fries were extra good in France! Tonight’s menu will be spaghetti and meatballs…so Italian!” Not sure if she was kidding or not, but if she wasn’t, whatever we’ve all made stupid mistakes. Like this next one for example, I’m not even going to lie, I’ve asked and tweeted this exact question. She tweeted – “Wait is a cucumber a pickle??? I did not know this at all! Is @JonathanCheban lying to me?”
Then there was that time when she was really confused about millennial acronyms and tweeted – “…is it SHM? i see it on blogs all the time! What does it mean?” In that case, shaking, head, my. But the details are not important.
Then there was that time when Kim publicly gloated about having more followers than important people saying – “I’m in total shock! I have almost 2.5 mill tweet friends! I LUV U GUYS SO MUCH! Can’t believe I have more than Oprah, Shaq & Diddy! WOW.” To be fair, that is a pretty wild accomplishment and I would totally call my mom and tell her, but some things you should maybe just reserve from saying out loud to your millions of followers.
One tweet I’m sure she’s regretting about now is when she tweeted – “I love @JustinBieber and @TaylorSwift13 ! But love @KourtneyKardash and @KhloeKardashian even more!” If she only would have known the future at the time, that tweet would have undoubtedly been hidden in her drafts.
Then there was that time she effed up her dentistry all over some chew. She tweeted – “OMG I was chewing a piece of gum and my filling came out!”
And leave it up to Kim to ask the hard hitting questions, specifically about medicinal health. She tweeted – “How come Dr’s never get sick when they see sick people every day!” Which is actually a really valid question. Are their immune systems just artificially advanced?
Speaking of asking hard hitting and valid questions, that one time Kim got skeptical about her candy and tweeted – “Kit Kat is my fav candy bar but its tastes different in other countries. Why would they change the filling in between the wafers?”
Then there was that time when Kim was just confused tweeting – “ughhhh just got pulled over for tinted windows & no license plate!” Well yeah, thats kinda something you would get pulled over for. That’s also the most LA reason to get pulled over for that I’ve ever heard.
But it is in true classic Kim K fashion. Which of these retro Kim K tweets is your fave on or off this list? Sound off in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe and then click right over here for a list of 10 times Kim was the clapback queen. Thanks for hanging with me on Listed I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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