7 Celebs Who’ve Survived Rehab & Addiction


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Hollywood! It’s a world filled with glamour, money, power… and addiction. Any place where there’s an excess of fame, influence, and money is likely to be fertile ground for our basest desires, too much access to drugs and alcohol, and not enough people who will call you out on your bad decisions. Therefore it’s of no surprise that celebs are among the most likely individuals to struggle with addiction in rehab. Most survive. Many thrive. And some spend a lifetime in and out of rehabilitation facilities. Today we’re bringing you 7 celebs who’ve conquered their demons in rehab and lived to talk about it.

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  1. Wow I laughed when I saw this sellout of an anchor giving sarcastic and mean comments about these celebrities, especially Lindsay and Lamar. Well, Miriam, at least they are not sellouts like you are, at least they are not paid liars like you are. The audacity… Shame on you.

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