11 Bisexual Celebs Who Came Out in 2017

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Coming out of the closet isn’t just a thing teens did in the 90s. Even in 2018 the world continues to judge and misunderstand sexual orientation. Sometimes, especially for bisexuals. Here are 11 celebs who in 2017 confronted the often terrifying step of coming out as bi.

1. Kristen Stewart
2. Aaron Carter
3. Shannon Purser
4. Daniel Newman
5. Lauren Jauregui
6. Kevin Spacey
7. Keiynan Lonsdale
8. Alia Shawkat
9. Taylor Bennett
10. Lil Peep
11. Tyler, The Creator

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5 respuestas a «11 Bisexual Celebs Who Came Out in 2017»

  1. Avatar de rebecca

    But there is a difference between gay and bi and Lauren came out in 2016

  2. Oh wow you didn’t include Demi again even tho she’s one of the most outspoken celebs about LGBTQ rights and came out in 2017?
    *pretends to be shocked” ???

  3. Avatar de Reese's Peanut Butter
    Reese’s Peanut Butter


  4. Avatar de Denzyxbomb

    Being gay is wrong for men (kill male fags). But girls can eat as much pussy as they want because it’s hot ?

  5. Avatar de Selenator Forever
    Selenator Forever

    Ok their either gay or bisexual ok it’s different

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