Celebrity Big Brother | Overnight Update Podcast | Feb 23, 2017

Live Feed Correspondent Taran Armstrong and guest update the overnight Celebrity Big Brother house happenings and provide analysis of the events!


5 respuestas a «Celebrity Big Brother | Overnight Update Podcast | Feb 23, 2017»

  1. Avatar de Angie Rubin
    Angie Rubin

    BTW the year is wrong in this video!

  2. Considering Omi came into the house with a strong reputation, her strategy to stay under the radar is brilliant. Her only target has been Ross and none of the other house guests took that seriously. She is playing the game like a BOSS! Her moves are subtle but effective for her purposes. Team Omi!

  3. Meta said he would vote for Ross. I hope he changes his mind.

  4. Avatar de Ashley Queen
    Ashley Queen

    I would love to see Taran on Big Brother.

  5. Avatar de Pat Smith
    Pat Smith

    Sunday is the finale.

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