Snapchat Unveils MAJOR Redesign & It’s Totally Different


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Could Snapchat actually get cool again?

Let’s just state the hard cold facts here – all you guys that loved snap a few years ago totally abandoned ship and jumped on the bandwagon when IG stories dropped. But what would you guys say if I told you Snap is back in action and promising that’s it’s way cooler now? Okay that’s actually a lie and definitely not what they’re saying but they are unveiling a major redesign and we’ve got the deets!

Long story short here, the app doesn’t look a TON different. But outlets are reporting the big chance is the separation of social interaction from media. For example – chats and stories from your real friends will be separated from brands, celebs and influencers. Pretty much anything with a verification is in a totally separate section.

So for all of you guys out there that are pissed when brands are always at the top of your feed and you can never see your mom’s snap story – this will be your lucky ticket.

Based on what I’m seeing over on Refinery29 – QUOTE When you swipe from left to right, you’ll now see a friend page: This is where all of your chats and Stories from friends will live. New Snaps and chats appear at the top, followed by people and groups you’ve communicated with recently. Only people that you follow, who also follow you back, will appear here.

There are a few other changes but honestly the main thing to focus on is the fact that you’ll be able to see your friend’s stories easier. Which is cool, but like is it as cool as the Snapchat hotdog of summer 2017? I’m not really sure. And can snapchat ever really be totally cool again? That’s the question and I want you to answer it so hit the comments section and then click here to see the coolest ever wine advent calendar! For the record I never never stopped snapping and I love it – so follow me! Thanks for hanging guys I’m Joslyn Davis and I’ll see you later!

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