13 Times Celeb Moms SHUT DOWN Mommy Shamers

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If it wasn’t for the internet, how would we possibly survive without constant criticism of strangers telling us what we should and shouldn’t do and how to live our lives? Now imagine you’re a celebrity expecting a child, and times the unsolicited advice by like 5 million. Celeb moms are constantly bombarded by nasty comments shaming them on raising their kids. So right now we’re counting down 13 mamas who are sick of it right here on LISTED.

1 Kim Kardashian
2 Chrissy Teigen
3 Pink
4 Ciara
5 Chrissy Teigen
6 Kelly Clarkson
7 Lauren London
8 Kristin Cavallari
9 Jwoww
10 Coco Austin
11 Mila Kunis
12 Kate Beckinsale
13 Hilary Duff

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5 respuestas a «13 Times Celeb Moms SHUT DOWN Mommy Shamers»

  1. Avatar de Mihlali Kalipa
    Mihlali Kalipa

    In South Africa no one gives a shit about none of these things. you ca literally breast feed your baby anywhere and no one will say anything. my cousin is also more or less as skinny as that kid but he eats a lot and my older sister as well but it disappeared with age.

    why are people going mad about the baby in the pool I mean like babies have swimming abilities.

  2. Avatar de Mitali l
    Mitali l

    I am guessing the host is American with ENGLISH as her first language? Then why is she calling Hillary Duff’s 8 year old child a toddler.. last time I checked.. toddler was a child who hasnt even learnt to walk properly yet. Now what Hillary does with her CHILD is none of my business, but this host’s pathetic desperation of licking the shit out of every celeb’s ass seriously bothers me.

  3. Avatar de The Purple Popsicle
    The Purple Popsicle

    Says babies are too young to be in water but they’re literally in a whole sack of water for around 9 months.

  4. Avatar de Laura Mendez
    Laura Mendez

    Mum shaming is the worst people need to stop being a mom is an incredible thing that we should all respect mom’s are moms and all moms

  5. Avatar de Cold Air
    Cold Air


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