Miley Cyrus Showered With Kisses From Kaitlynn Carter After VMAs!


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Did y’all catch the VMAs Monday night? If you did you caught a lot of Miley … okay not THAT much of Miley, it’s not 2013 afterall

What’s up guys it’s Drew Dorsey here with Clevver News and if you didn’t catch Miley’s performance of her new song “Slide Away”, you need to go check it out

After this, of course, because I’ve got a pretty juicy story for you

Okay, so Miley performed “Slide Away” live for the first time ever

With a full string band

And what did she do afterwards to celebrate?

Besides growl at the camera backstage for a bit?

Well, after a quick outfit change she and her her new boo Kaitlynn Carter hit up the after-party scene!

And yes, they held hands

And yes, if you’re wondering, Kaitlynn has already met mom, Tish Cyrus!

Who also looked like she was having a fabulous time

Like … a better time than Miley

But before you ask, yes, there was some apparent backstage smooching between Miley and Kaitlynn

Unfortunately we didn’t get any good pics of them together AT the VMAs

Miley was a late addition to the lineup and didn’t even get a seat of her own

I think Nikita could have given Miley one of her extra seats for her puppy friends but okay!

Anyway, the Cyrus fam plus honorary member Kaitlynn went to this after party in Manhattan

And who else was there but Kaitlynn’s ex Brody Jenner

And Brody’s new boo Josie Canseco

I mean, yikes! That’s awkward

But Miley was probably still riding high from her killer performance and hopefully wasn’t too focused on some Hills drama

But I’ve gotta admit – it’s a lot

Let’s back up and get this straight

Miley went from an emotional performance about Liam to holding hands with her new girlfriend Kaitlynn to being at an afterparty with Kaitlynn’s estranged husband Brody and his new girlfriend Josie.

And uh, let’s not forget that all this breaking up just happened like, two weeks ago!

But all of this drama was probably still not as awkward as getting kicked off Hotel Transylvania

You gotta love her for it.

So let’s hear from you guys. Did you like Miley’s performance? Were you also hoping for another song or two from her? Maybe Mother’s Daughter, since Tish was there too! That’s what I was thinking at least. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below.

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  1. I’m kind of not buying this, it feels very Lindsey dips a toe in the lady pond with Sam Ronson circa ’06/’07 to me. Once an eater of penis cake, always an eater of penis cake. Just sayin’.

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