Scott Disick LASHES Out At Kourtney Kardashian Over Another Guy


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Scott Disick is lashing out at Kourtney for dating another man but wait isn’t he dating Sophia Richie?

Reality TV and actual reality so hard to separate the two!

As you know Scott Disick and Sophia Richie have made their dating relationship official recently by displaying pda all over social media. The two seem extremely happy despite family members not approving of their relationship. But every time a new teaser or episode of KUWTK comes out we can’t help but to think that Scoot is still in love with Kourtney.

On last night’s episode of KUTWTK Scott finds out that Kourtney went on a date with another man. Out of respect Kourtney called Scott to give him the heads up so he wouldn’t find out from anyone else and let’s just say he wasn’t too happy about it. Check it out.

If you watched the episode you could hear Scott droppin Fbombs to say he was angry would be an understatement. After Scott responded the way he did Kourtney told him she just won’t tell him the next time she goes on a date if he is going to be that upset and then he asked her quote “There’s going to be a next time?” Clearly the thought of Kourtney dating anyone else really hurts him because he still loves her.

We know the episodes of KU are filmed months in advance that’s why I said earlier it’s so hard to separate reality tv and actual reality. In reality though it does seems like the two have moved on. TMZ reported Kourtney has ‘no problems’ with her ex dating someone else, ‘because if he’s happy she’s happy.” and she has no bad feelings towards Sophia, she thinks their relationship is genuine and feels good that he’s moving on.’

Also Kourtney has her own love life to worry about she’s having a good time with her new younger model boo Younes. SO it looks like everyone is happy!

Alright I want to hear from you guys. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has a hard time separating Scott and Kourtneys relationship on TV with their relationship present time if you do too hit the comments below and then click here to check out more drama between these two reality stars. Thanks for watching Clevver News today I am your host Jackie Iadonisi I’ll see you soon.

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