Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez REUNITE Again? Ariana Grande MARRIED? (Rumor Patrol)


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Selena and Justin get together? Ariana & Mac ready to walk down the aisle? All this & more on today’s Rumor Patrol.

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6 Comentarios

  1. actually….everyboy deserve a second chances…selena can give him that
    chance…..justin is already change….so , forgive him…everybody make
    mistake…Don’t forget that he is human and he is real…

  2. The pewdie pie deleting his channel ^scandal^ thing was OVERRATED. I
    personally think in general he’s gotten waaaay lamer over these 2 past
    years, so he really shouldn’t be talked about a ton in the first place, he
    was just having fun & getting subs from haters, it was a prank and a pretty
    obvious 1 2, YouTube is his dream ob after all. /; {}

    • Second taylors gotten waaay to much attension I feel lke she TOOOTALLY gets
      a big head about it and the attitude just keeps getting so .. ugh & hasn’t
      super busy lately on the top 50s lists

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