How Dove Cameron Is Coping In The Aftermath Of Losing Cameron Boyce!


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It’s been nearly a month since Cameron Boyce passed away and in just a few days his movie Descendants 3 will be premiering on Disney Channel! One of his costars and best friends Dove Cameron is still dealing with the heartbreak and as she puts it “a word stronger than devastated”

How’s it going guys, it’s Emile Ennis Jr here with Clevver News and Cameron Boyce’s Descendants co-stars are all still reeling in the aftermath of their dear friend’s untimely passing.

Dove spoke with Seventeen magazine about how she is coping in the weeks following Cameron’s death.

And her boyfriend Thomas Doherty has played a big part.

She told our sister publication that “He’s a pure soul…a well-intended, completely innocent source of care and generosity.” She said, “I’ve never experienced an equality like we have”

The two have been together since 2016 and have starred in Descendants 2 alongside Dove. She also had a brief role on his show “The Lodge” on Disney.

Besides leaning on her boyfriend for support, Dove finds some solace in her group chat with her Descendants costars – a group chat that Cameron’s phone number is still a part of.

“The usual text is ‘love you’ or ‘are you eating’ or ‘how are we all today’”, she said in the interview.

But while Dove has a super strong support system, it seems like the path to finding happiness is within herself.

She said that she struggles with anxiety and has dealt with depression in the past. “As long as you are your own mother, healer, and best friend, you will always know what you need. Sometimes it just takes a while to become yourself”
And all in due time that’s what will happen. The wounds are still fresh and hopefully will become easier in time.

The cast will all have time to come together this Friday when Descendants 3 premieres on the Disney channel. And something tells me it will be a celebration of Cameron’s life instead of a reminder of his death.

So tell me what you guys think. What advice would you give to Dove to help her through this hard time? Will you be tuning in to Descendants 3? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Absolutely going to watch Descendants 3 to honor Cameron. I know he is resting in peace and in a better place and my love and well wishes goes out to his family, friends and co-stars.

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