9 Times Celebs Gave SURPRISE Subway Performances

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Subways and public transportations are typically a mundane part of our daily routine that can only trigger a lazy yawn. However, from time to time, abrupt surprises take place and leave us beaming, like the times celebs give us a surprise performance, so right now, we’re bringing you 10 EPIC celeb subway performances, right here on Listed.

1. Michael Bublé
2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
3. Ke$ha
4. Lion King
5. John Legend
6. U2
7. Maia Mitchell
8. Brandy
9. Jessie J
10. Nick Jonas

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5 respuestas a «9 Times Celebs Gave SURPRISE Subway Performances»

  1. Avatar de Clay Brice
    Clay Brice


  2. Avatar de Victoria Blanchette
    Victoria Blanchette


  3. Avatar de That Mochi y'all [and Yoongi] are thirsty for
    That Mochi y’all [and Yoongi] are thirsty for

    Well it’s rude being loud in the trains in Tokyo and Japan in general.

  4. Avatar de Miss A
    Miss A

    John Legend is my favourite

  5. Avatar de Miss Moonshine
    Miss Moonshine

    what about Shawn mendes

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