Zayn & Gigi Hadid Are OVER – How Selena Gomez is Dealing With SPLIT From Justin Bieber (DHR)


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Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid call it quits, Taylor Swift responds to her latest controversy, and how is Selena Gomez handling her split from Justin Bieber?! All that and more on today’s rundown.

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5 Comentarios

  1. 1. Harry writing about bisexuality: OMFG…Harry has stated over and over that he never labeled his sexuality. Yet he is this womanizer in the media and y’all act as if he is screwing every woman he comes in contact in DOUBLE STANDARDS. Jeez like pick a lane.
    2. Zayn and Gigi break up:
    They haven’t been seen together since their 2 year relationship. It also funny that you think once they unfollow each other ITS OVER like wow. Considering it’s also private WHY make public statements. And about the tattoo. Good god I’m not even commenting. Lol friends….if he was still friends he would still be following her. ZAYN DIDNT END IT IN TEXT MESSAGE DONT MAKE HIM SEEM LIKE A DICK. MY GOD….

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