The Making of the Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Hollywood Internet Celebrity


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  1. Being Latina, I will just say our group is a very prideful group. Most are so proud of their countries and I understand because most of us are first generation but I’m American first. This women came out of nowhere and almost every Latin person who isn’t going anywhere who blame problems on ‘the man’ was talking about her. She is not smart and everything she says not thought out. I can see they are using her but very bluntly. She may not even know. New Yorkers suck at voting! Our family votes in every local, special and presidential election yet I know friends who complain about Cuomo and the Blasio all the time.

  2. ‘Spudgy Pang’ says that ANYONE with a «Co» prefix on their surname, like «Cortez,» is a Jew. I think he may be right, at least when it comes to public figures, such as professional athletes, Hollywood actors, and politicians.

  3. At 11:04, look at those choppers! I thought you had moved on to talking about Daisy Ridley! They look like they were both birthed by the same rabid piranha!

  4. At 5:16, I see this Julia Cumming creature that looks like one of those MTFs that everyone is talking about. I looked «it» up, and immediately became nauseous. I’m not sure what species that thing is, but I’m curious to know. Also, it’s listed as 5’11» tall. That’s mighty tall for a «lady.» ;)’

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