Man Who Saved Bunny From California Wildfires Becomes Viral HERO


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A man who saved a bunny from the California wildfires becomes a viral hero!!

Finally some heartwarming news amidst all this craziness happening in the world!

Guys and gals get ready to have your faith in humanity RESTORED with this incredibly video of a man RUNNING INTO THE FLAMES of a wildfire to save a rabbit.

So as you’ve heard by now, basically all of southern california is being ravaged by huge wildfires that have been nearly impossible to contain thanks to the dry weather and Santa Ana winds. Hundreds of thousands of people have had to evacuate their homes, and over 300 homes and buildings have been destroyed. So this amazing story comes at a time when we seriously NEED IT.

So an unidentified man was filmed after having just pulled over on the side of Highway 1 as the Thomas Fire was completely RAGING alongside the road. At first you’re like, dude, what are you doing?! Get out of there! But then you realize he’s trying to save a bunny, and he actually does! Check out the video and see the incredibly heroic act yourself:

How amazing is that?! You can see him panicking because he’s unable to catch the scared critter at first, but then he does and your heart immediately implodes into a thousand little pieces and you simultaneously want to marry him and call Disney to have them turn this into a full-on feature film. The man in the video declined to be interviewed, but that didn’t stop everyone on social media praising him for his brave and selfless act. One person wrote QUOTE, “When the rabbit runs back into the fire and the guy gets so upset that he thought the bunny was gone forever breaks my heart. Then the reunion at the end…..FEELS”. Another simply wrote QUOTE, “We need more people like the man who saved the bunny from that wild fire”. I could NOT agree more.

How about you guys? Do you wish we had more people like this guy out there, and are you shocked he put himself in harm’s way like that, or would you do it yourself? Sound off with all your thoughts in the comments, and then click right over here to see celebs react to the wildfires. Thanks so much for watching, I’m your girl Joslyn Davis and I’ll see you next time!

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