Joe Jonas & Nicki Minaj Get SUPER Close In DNCE’s «Kissing Strangers» Music Video


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Joe and Nicki certainly don’t look like strangers in their new video, because things get hot and heavy between these two right out the gate…

In the 70s inspired video for Kissing Strangers, Joe and Nicki get all kinds of close and flirty while performing at a party thrown by Joe and his DNCE bandmates.

Nicki looks more gorgeous than ever in the video, looking 70s chic a bikini top, bell bottoms, and a floppy hat. The super fun video also features some classic and hilarious moments courtesy of Joe’s DNCE bandmates at a 70’s house party…

This just proves that all house parties should be 70s parties.

Nicki is scheduled to perform solo at the Billboard music awards on May 21st, so until then we’ll be praying that she somehow gets DNCE onstage with her, cuz we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing the crazy chemistry between Nicki and Joe during a live performance…

Okay guys now I wanna know what YOU think of Joe and Nicki’s “Kissing Strangers” video, so sound off in the comments with all your thoughts, and after that click here to watch me go under the knife in a teaser of our new docu-series. Thanks so much for hanging with me on News Feed, and be sure to subscribe. I’m your host Erin Robinson and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. Ava doing both DNCE and Miley Cyrus sweet
    Also I saw the video at 12 05 in the morning and I’m thinking a lot more than kissing was going on

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