Kim Kardashian BREAKS Silence On Tristian Thompson Cheating Scandal


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Kim Kardashian BREAKS her silence on Tristan’s cheating scandal, PLUS she talks about Kanye’s return to Twitter on Ellen.

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OMG you guys, this is the Kardashian reaction we’ve been waiting for since Tristan’s cheating scandal broke the internet…

Kim is set to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres show on Monday, and in a new sneak preview of the episode, Kim actually gives her reaction to finding out that Tristan was cheating on Khloe for MONTHS while she was pregnant, and how the entire scandal unfolded just days before Khloe gave birth to baby True.

Wow, honestly considering how quiet the whole family, including Khloe, have been about the cheating news so far, we’re SHOOK that Kim gave such an honest and straight-to-the-point answer. And we couldn’t agree more — it’s SO f***cked up.

She also hinted that it’s been a very tough time for Khloe — and possibly confirmed those rumors that Khloe still isn’t sure if she’s going to stay with Tristan or not.

She said QUOTE, “We really were rooting for Khloe — and we still are. You know, she’s so strong and she’s doing the best she can…it’s a really sad situation all over.”

Kim is the first Kardashian to directly comment on the matter, and we’re hoping that she’ll have more to say when the episode airs on Monday. That being said, she did say that she has a rule about talking about certain subjects when a baby is involved, so we don’t expect her to all-out trash talk Tristan anytime soon.

She explained to Ellen QUOTE, “I kinda made this rule with my brother: if there’s a baby involved, I’m not gonna talk, I’m gonna keep it cute and keep it classy and not talk too bad–I’m gonna try not to say anything so negative, because one day, True is gonna see this.”

That is one seriously classy way to deal with such high profile drama. And it also explains why the Kardashian-Jenners have steered clear of saying anything super negative to the press about Blac Chyna amidst all her drama with the family and Rob.

As for comments from the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan on Tristan’s cheating, we’ll just have to wait and see who else is willing to share their thoughts. But after hearing Kim’s take — we’re confident that EVERYONE has a strong opinion on this. Including Khloe herself, who has been doing an amazing job of putting all her focus away from the spotlight and on to her daughter since baby True was born.

Kim also speaks to Ellen about Kanye’s return to Twitter, and his recent cryptic tweet where he wrote QUOTE, “Distraction is the enemy of vision. Sometimes you have to get rid of everything”, to which she jokingly replied, “Wait. EVERYTHING??!!”

Kim took the time to clarify what Kanye REALLY meant by his statement, telling Ellen QUOTE, “I mean I hear him say all these things in the house…I think what he was saying about “the everything” thing, he was talking about clarity…He always talks about how we should not have our phones first thing in the morning, and in the house when we’re with the kids let’s not have our phones. It’s our rule that we really try to live by. So I think he was talking about cleansing.”

Kanye may be FIRING a lot of his management team lately, but after that clip we think he should HIRE Kim to be his PR manager– because her interpretation of his Tweet makes SO much sense.

Okay guys now I’m dying to hear YOUR thoughts on these sneak peeks of Kim’s interview with Ellen–are you shocked she was so candid with her feelings about Tristan’s cheating scandal? And do you think she’ll decode more of Kanye’s Tweets during the episode? Sound off in the comments with all your thoughts and theories! Thanks so much for joining me on News Feed, I’m your host Renee Ariel and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. This is ridiculous. Khloé deserves better than Tristan. Sure he made a “mistake” but how many damn times is he going to do this? Smfh.

  2. that’s so unfair to kholé . she wanted to have children so bad and for her to have the chance to have one and the father of her child to betray her and sneak around is just fucked up.


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