Fifth Harmony Goes Head To Head In EPIC Lip Sync Battle


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Fifth Harmony went head to head to head to head on Lip Sync Battle last night.

Fifth Harmony?! More like Fifth…. not… harmony.

If you thought Camila leaving the group caused major tension, then you must not have watched lip sync battle last night.

Dinah, Lauren, Ally, and Normani all chose different songs to perform solo.

Up first was Normani performing Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child and knocking out every male dancer with her incredible dance moves.

Well, okay Normani. Way to start it off strong!

Next up was Lauren who paid an incredible homage to the late Amy Winehouse. Not only did she perform Rehab, but she really looked a lot like her!

While Chrissy and the rest of the girls loved it, one side of the internet felt differently.

One person’s tweet reached 7,000 retweets and 24,000 favourites and read, “Amy died of addiction after a heartbreak and people mocked and laughed at her everyday until the day she died and this caricature of her now is honestly very disappointing.”

But she had people coming to her defense, one saying QUOTE, “what did she do wrong? i don’t see this as a caricature. lauren literally has expressed her love for amy countless times. she was in no way trying to disrespect her. that’s why she obviously chose to lip sync to her song bc she has always admired her.” ()

Back to the show, next up was Ally who started off slow with Selena’s Como La Flor, but 30 seconds in transitioned to Jennifer Lopez’s On The Floor.

She continually wowed her fellow group members with intense choreography, I mean just look at Normani’s face.

Finally, Dinah took a completely different lip sync route and channeled Maui from Moana to perform You’re Welcome.
She had a fake pig roasting on a spit, fire dancers, and was literally carried in by four strong guys. Plus she was wearing a bodysuit featuring fake muscles. It was everything.

The Rock tweeted before the show QUOTE, “She came to slay! My @dinahjane97 coming thru with the Maui flex . This is gonna be a dope show!”

You can’t help but smile watching all four girls all dressed up and having the time of their lives. And while we think they all killed it, there had to be a winner.

Taking home the Lip Sync battle belt was…. Ally!

But we wanna know which performance was YOUR personal fav? Did you think Lauren dressing up as Amy was offensive? Let us know in the comments below or on my instagram @AvaGordy and then click right over here find out who’s performing at iheartradio music awards. I’m your host Ava Gordy, thanks for watching Clevver and I’ll see you next tim

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  1. If you wish to dress like your mentor who is passed away is not offensive, you just kept the person in your memory. Because a lot of celebrities have passed away and not remembered .

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