Daily Astrology & Tarot Reading for 9 July 2019 | Celebrity Witch


Daily Astrology & Tarot Reading for 9 July 2019 | Celebrity Witch
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Through The Gate Of Tears There Was A Fog Beyond My Window. I Shadow At My Door. I Rose Up And Harnessed The Light Beyond The Mirror And Became The Astrological Guardian.
Hi everyone. My name is Mary. I am a clairvoyant and a medium. I am also an Astrologist and Tarot Reader. I have been psychic my entire life. I have been a reader for 28 years. Yes, you read that right 28 YEARS! I just counted on my fingers. I am not old nor young I am simply a translator of the universe telling your real life story to make your time here on earth something clear and bright.
I continuously pick up on the energy of others and often can see their future which makes my personal life quite boring. I am a Hermit.
I achieved a 4.0 in Victim Advocacy and Paralegal at Adams State College.
I am a Virgo Rising. Libra Sun and Scorpio Moon Sign.
I have always had an unquenchable love for the cinema. This channel is to honor the celebrities who have brought so many stories to life and given us memorable and inspirational moments. Just think back to a time you watched your first favorite movie. Where was it? Who was with you? What did it make you feel? While being a celebrity has its perks it comes with great sacrifice. Celebrities are real people just like you and me. I am going to give you an intimate closeup on the personal lives of these inspirational guides through astrological analysis. Who they are and what they rose above. Join me as I unravel the mystery behind your favorite celebrity!


  1. Wow I needed to hear this… I’m drowning in my anxiety and the next couple of weeks are going to be tough. Thank you for your wise words ❤️

  2. Bolted from a negative relationship about a month ago. Knocking to do’s off the list. Got to my destination and blew a head gasket on the truck. The universe works in very logical ways, unseen to those who don’t accept the mechanism. Full circle right back into another “don’t want to be here” situation. But it gives me time to correct a few things, and when I burn off again, truck will be ready. Where too? Who knows, just dealing with the program one line at a time. So many things are about to change in my life and its up to me to welcome the changes with due preparation. Till then, I’m my own diesel mechanic. LOL
    (pushes play on manifestation program) so sweet you are.


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