Drake «Nice For What» Music Video – All The Celebrity Cameos

EVERYBODY is in Drake’s new video. Brett, Grace, Daron, and Brooke break down all the celebrity cameos. Let us know if you liked the video.


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6 respuestas a «Drake «Nice For What» Music Video – All The Celebrity Cameos»

  1. Avatar de Kaye Squared
    Kaye Squared

    I love the New Orleans bounce element in this song. Drake always showing love to the 504. ♥️ Nola reppin. ✌??

  2. Avatar de axreason

    why don’t y’all talk about Janelle Monáe’s videos. she’s released THREE during the past couple of months, all incredibly relevant, striking, political, artistic, out-spoken and amazing.

  3. Avatar de godofthisshit

    What Lauryn Hill say about white people, that offended the like of Bret and Eminem who himself had stashes of anti Black women songs?

    1. Avatar de Tori Guthrie
      Tori Guthrie

      godofthisshit There’s some myth out there that Lauryn Hill said she’d rather die than have white people buy or listen to her albums in an MTV interview, all because some caller on Howard Stern’s show said so. There is zero proof that she even said anything of that nature, not a single clip of said interview, and MTV denied it too. When she was asked about it all she said was that she created her music for her community.
      It’s always sounded to me like she was talking about her love and support of black culture and some bitter person twisted what she said.

  4. Avatar de cindy the cat
    cindy the cat

    Kick back catching up on the show’s I miss you all have a great day! Always & Forever Lynn G from Madisonville Tenn & I love this video & lyrics very talented & a big heart!

  5. Avatar de joseph fletcher
    joseph fletcher

    Go & check out the video that the band Manson made for their song Tax loss & see what they did with the money that was supposed to be used to make their video, it’s pretty great. Come back & tell me what you think ??

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