6 Signs Kylie And Travis Are Better Than Ever Since They Broke Up With Jordyn


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The say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Kylie Jenner growing fonder of Travis Scott in Jordyn Woods’ absence isn’t totally the same thing, but it would be hard to deny that Kylie and Travis have only gotten closer than they already were, since the lip kit queen fell out with her best friend.

Given the relationship status between Jordyn and Kylie… that’s a big NO RELATIONSHIP… Kylie and Travis now have more time to focus on each other, their relationship and their little family! We are bringing you all the signs that Kylie and Travis are stronger than ever now that Jordyn is out of the picture right here on Listed!

It feels as if it was just yesterday that Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods were absolutely inseparable. They barely went anywhere without one another… even on dates. Which may sound odd, because it kinda is, but really these two were just THAT close. During an exclusive interview with E!, Kylie flat out said Jordyn was QUOTE “a third wheel,” and not even in a disrepectful way at all. That was just their norm.

But you gotta question that if Jordyn was always around, how much alone time did that really leave for Kylie and Travis? And now that Jordyn’s currently separated from her bestie, Kylie, ya know for that whole cheating scandal involving Kylie’s sis Khloe and Khloe’s baby daddy, Tristan, you know the story… anyway, post-all of that drama and the subsequent fallout between Ky & Jordan, Kylie and Travis seem closer than ever before.

-For one, and it’s a big one… Jordyn’s no longer living in Kylie’s house. One of the first major outcomes of the Jordyn Woods Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, was that Kylie’s BFF was packing her bags. At the time news was barely breaking about what went down that fateful night between Tristan and Jordyn, a source told People that Jordyn was QUOTE “heading home to be with her mom.” Leading up to that, Jordyn was nothing short of a sister to Kylie, even sharing the same walls, being involved in every single family event that went down in the house, including even

-Now, instead of Jordyn, Travis consumes Kylie’s downtime at home, and the proof is just how much more of a presence he has on his ladie’s insta. What used to be a feed packed with shots of Kylie and Jordyn has officially become the Kylie and Travis show, and we are living for it.

-And even when it came to getting out of the house, vacations usually involved Jordyn. Kylie, Travis, Stormi, and Jordyn all vacationed together back in January, but it was mostly Kylie and Jordyn and Stormi- it seemed like Travis joined the ladies later into the trip. The two besties even snapped adorable matching pictures of one another as they walked on the beach. (ASSETS 3) Kylie’s latest vaca, however, was a whole lot different. Kylie named this getaway QUOTE “baecation,” and when the two weren’t getting hot and heavy, they were spending quality time as a family with Stormi.

-But not only were they roomies and vaca buddies, but they were also in business together. In fact, Jordyn was involved in business with the Kardashian/ Jenners in more ways than one. She was a model for Khloe Kardashian’s Good American company, but obviously that didn’t last long after the scandal broke, and she collabed with Kylie on a Lip-Kit! Which subsequently went on sale for 50% RIGHT after she swapped spit with Tristan!
So not only did Kylie spend so much time with Jordyn at home, they were also together in the office, which only meant less time with Travis.

And perhaps that’s the most telling… Kylie has so much more time for Travis, it’s no wonder they’ve literally become best friends. In fact, for Travis’ birthday, Kylie flat out called him her QUOTE “real life bestie & hubby all wrapped into one” so maybe that’s just it. They’re even closer now because not only are they in a relationship, but their friendship is stronger than ever.

Well, you know what the say. Absence makes the heart grow fonder AND the key to a solid relationship is the foundation of a strong friendship. Oh, Kylie and Travis. Teaching us all so much.

And now it’s time for you to weigh in. Do you think Kylie and Travis have gotten closer since Kylie’s fallout with Jordyn? What other signs have you noticed? Drop it down in the comments and find me on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, @sineaddevries.
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  1. They are without subject to entertain and what kind of video and this, to hurt one person to make the other one be better that I can leave the girl in peace, ps I am not defending jordyn much less kylie, but that is disgusting


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