Zac Efron Reveals Fave HSM Moment & Ideal Love Scene In Vogue 73 Questions


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If it were up to us, all 73 questions for Zac would without a doubt be about High School Musical.

The list of celebrities who have participated in Vogue’s 73 questions serious just gets better and better. Zac Efron is the latest celeb to join the star-studded list and thank God because there were some questions that we all really needed answers to. Likeeeee what his favorite High School Musical memory is.

If you all remember – because let’s be real here, how could anyone forget — Zac wasn’t present at the HSM reunion on Disney Channel last year, so this is probably the next best thing and you know what? We’ll take it.

Aside from his HSM memories, there were juicier moments throughout the video. For example, Zac was asked who he would love to do a love scene with and his answer might just surprise you.

Now, we’re all very thankful Zac came into our lives through our television screens, but in the off chance that he never became a famous actor, Zac revealed he probably would’ve gone to cooking school.

Honestly, if Zac was a chef somewhere I’d probably visit that restaurant every single day.

If you were able to conduct your own 73 questions interview with Zac, what would you ask him? Let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for hanging with me right here on Clevver News, I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see ya next time!

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  1. Commenters here didn’t follow what the host said. We have to create a list of 73 questions for Zac. Haha!!! Nobody listens to the host because nobody reads our comments from Clevver News anyway!


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