Shane Dawson RETURNS To YouTube W/ Eugenia Cooney Video On His Birthday!


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It’s Shane Dawson’s 31st birthday and being the amazing person he is, he gave US the gift of a new video on HIS birthday, and it wasn’t what I was expecting.

What’s up y’all? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and I feel like we should’ve all gotten the day off for Shane Dawson’s birthday and new video drop. How is this not a national holiday yet?

Anyway, leading up to the video drop Shane was tweeting that he had stayed up all night getting the video ready.

He wrote quote, “pulled an all nighter but it was worth it! SEE U LATER TODAY!!! ??‍???‍?❤️”

And boy was it worth it.

Fans were eagerly awaiting the video’s drop all day and he shocked us all not only with his return to YouTube, but with the return of Eugenia Cooney.

I was NOT ready for this y’all.

If you don’t remember who Eugenia is, she was a YouTuber who, as Shane explains, was known for her videos, Instagram page, and for being distressingly thin.

Shane showed many news outlets, including us here at Clevver, reporting on Eugenia’s health over the years and voicing their concern.
(Clevver at 18:48)

And as of January she was taking a break off social media to spend time to privately work on her health with her doctors, but now Shane caught up with her about how she has been getting help.

She reveals she went to a rehab facility where both her physical and mental health were closely monitored.

Eugenia also shared what hopes people get out of watching Shane’s video.
But Eugenia isn’t the only familiar face in this video. You might also recognize Kati Morton, the therapist that was in Shane’s video about Jake Paul.

And it seems like Eugenia really appreciates Shane giving her this platform to update everyone on how she’s doing.

After Shane posted the video, Eugenia tweeted at Shane for his birthday saying quote, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE MOST KINDEST, GENUINE PEOPLE I KNOW @shanedawson!!! You are truly amazing and this world is such a better place because of you! I am so blessed to know you. All my best for a wonderful birthday! You deserve the best! SO MUCH LOVE!!”

And other YouTubers and also out here wishing Shane a happy birthday.

Jeffree Star said quote, “Welcome BACK to Youtube KING!!!! Happy birthday and I love you with all of my pink diamond encrusted heart”

Jenna Marbles tweeted quote, “Happy birthday Shane!!!”

Trisha Paytas made a whole emotional video about Shane, with tears and all.

Anyway, back to Shane’s new video.

Eugenia and Shane share a sweet moment doing their makeup and trying on her hats, but if you haven’t watched the full thing.

Please do because it’s so great to hear from her and Shane did such a great job at making her feel comfortable and safe to share her story. But I want to hear from you guys.

Are you surprised by Shane’s video? And what birthday wishes do you have for him?

Let me know down in the comments below.

National Eating Disorder Help Line
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