Riverdale Season 3 Photos REVEAL Archie’s Murder Trial & MORE


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The first look at the Riverdale Season 3 premiere is here!

Things are about to get real as Archie heads to court

We’re just about a month out from the season 3 premiere of Riverdale, with so many questions to be answered. But thanks to the CW, we’re getting a look at the very first episode of the new season, which includes some serious courtroom pics, some bughead love and Archie… with his shirt off. Let’s discuss.
Based on the new shots, it looks like the premiere will be split between a group camping trip with the core squad and Archie’s trial… yikes. But in terms of the camping trip, the pics feature our two favorite couples looking almost happy but also not all that happy, but at least we know Jughead is alive. As if we didn’t know that already, but still. In another pic, all 4 are seen chilling fireside, again looking kinda happy but also not at all happy. What we are happy about, however, is this gift we got in the form of a shirtless Archie Andrews enjoying a dip in the river. Yes, please. Thank you very much.

It’s tough to say when the trip takes place.. perhaps their last hurrah before Archie’s trial, perhaps explaining why everybody’s happiness is so confusing? That would make the most sense, given the episode is titled ‘Labor Day’ hence their long weekend getaway, and given that getting ready to go on trial for murder can be pretty upsetting, I think… but Archie will have some friendly faces on his side in the courtroom. The pics show Archie sitting next to his momma and surprisingly, Josie’s mom too! The former Mayor McCoy looks like she might be representing Archie in the trial… interesting.

One thing is for sure, the courtroom looks intense and Archie doesn’t look so confident and that is definitely very sad… maybe let’s just go back to happier times… of him shirtless… in the river.
Alright guys, it’s time to hear from you about these new shots so drop your thoughts in the comments and share what you’re most looking forward to in the Riverdale season 3 premiere. Then click right here for another brand new vid and be sure to subscribe to all of our channels. I’m Sinead de Vries, thank so much for watching!

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