Zendaya Asked On A DATE And This Was Her Response!

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What’s up y’all it’s Sussan Mourad back here with Clevver News and it’s no secret Zendaya is a hot commodity, not just in Hollywood but in the dating world as well!

Our girl Z was recently in Austin, Texas this week at the ATX TV festival where she was promoting her upcoming HBO show, “Euphoria”.

Things got a little off topic during the Q&A when one man, supposedly named Mikal, asked the actress on a DATE, more specifically an ice cream date!

Zendaya didn’t miss a beat and kindly responded, “Yo, if I had time I would, because I love ice cream and I appreciate that.”

I have to give it to Mikal, he did his research. Zendaya LOVES ice cream

I mean, really, loves ice cream.

Ice cream for breakfast

Ice cream after work

The girl apparently even enjoys melted ice cream on a dirty old table

I mean, yeah, I’m sure it still tastes good….?

But nevertheless, Mikal persisted! He asked, “Is that a no or a maybe” to which Queen Zendaya said, “We’ll see.”

Zendaya why are you playing?! He then told her she can bring a plus one since she didn’t know him.

And Zendaya replied “we all going”, referring to the entire audience. Something tells me the bill won’t be on good ole’ Mikal.

So now my question is: Zendaya, would you like to go get ice cream sometime? I swear nothing weird. No prolonged eye contact, no uncomfortable questions about your personal life. I just wanna hang, friend to friend. Have your people reach out to my people if you’re into it. K?

But now I want to hear from you guys. What’s one celeb that you would treat to ice cream? Also, who do you think has a better chance of hearing back from Zendaya? Me or Mikal? Let me know in the comments below.

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Thanks for hanging with me on Clevver News, I’m your host Sussan Mourad, and I’ll catch you later, byeeee

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    Yasmine Jabri


  2. Avatar de flexorangecounty x
    flexorangecounty x

    nO Tom is mine ✊?

  3. Avatar de Autumn Loves Ari
    Autumn Loves Ari

    am i the only one here who doesnt ship tomdaya?

  4. Avatar de Ashley Imani
    Ashley Imani

    Definitely you Sussan and for the icecream date Zendaya of course

  5. Avatar de Angela Clarke
    Angela Clarke

    If I could ask one celebrity out for ice cream it would be harry styles

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