Kylie Jenner Pregnant With TWINS?! (Rumor Patrol)


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Could Kylie Jenner be pregnant with twins?! We’re breaking it down, right now on Rumor Patrol!

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5 Comentarios

  1. What if Kylie is pregnant but will give the kid(s) to Kim, so Kim’s surrogate is actually Kylie, but then Kris will say she wasn’t pregnant a few months from now just throw people off.

  2. Amazing how u can make news over nothing!!
    How tf no one knows if she pregnant for sure?? She acting like she is but she is so young… It could be the best prank ever.

  3. Lol i was listening to Shane Dawson’s podcast and his co-host jessie has a friend that works on KUWTK and she confirmed that Kylie is pregnant
    I choose to believe it lol just putting it out there
    But the twins thing is false

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