7 Times Miley Cyrus Was SUPER Candid About Liam Hemsworth

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She can what she wants to, okay?! She can say what Miley Cyrus has never been a celebrity who’s demure and secretive. She’s open and honest and raw and that’s one of the reasons we love her so much. And now that’s she solidly back together with Liam Hemsworth, she can’t stop talking about him. And NOW we’re talking about the seven times Miley was SUPER candid about her relationship with Liam.

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10 respuestas a «7 Times Miley Cyrus Was SUPER Candid About Liam Hemsworth»

  1. Avatar de Caroline Tagg
    Caroline Tagg

    The news reporter is Ashly from the bachelor

  2. Avatar de Ann D'Eon
    Ann D’Eon

    Poor liam, he deserves so much better than this «i have no gender and no age» nutjob

  3. Avatar de Andrea Lugo
    Andrea Lugo

    I absolutely love them

  4. Avatar de Peter Hooper
    Peter Hooper

    She was joking about having spies, if you listen to the interview.

  5. Avatar de Lianet Leyva
    Lianet Leyva

    Omg Miley is sounding like a smoker… she really needs to quit it now before it messes her lungs

    1. Lianet Leyva check on her Hannah Montana days, it’s also that deep

    2. Lianet Leyva well duh her voice is getting lower she’s getting older?

    3. Avatar de Lianet Leyva
      Lianet Leyva

      LiwiaGoszynska when I was talking about where smoking I WAS referring to cigarettes; she’s smoked those too. ALSO her voice isn’t raspy; it’s just abnormally deep from smoking

    4. Avatar de LiwiaGoszynska

      1. Female voices change a bit during growing up, they go from child voices to adult voices
      2. Her voice was always raspy
      3. Weed does not have an impact on your voice or your lungs, you are mixing it up with cigarettes honey.

    5. Avatar de Lianet Leyva
      Lianet Leyva

      angelcreature13 well thank God she did then

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