9 Times Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas Were BFF Goals

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After rumors circulated surrounding the mysterious subject of Demi Lovato’s new song “Ruin the Friendship”, naturally, many arrows were pointed at her longtime BFF Nick Jonas, but they’ve crushed the outdated stigma that guys and girls can’t be just friends, ages ago. From topping off the music charts together to being each other’s biggest fans, Demi and Nick were by each other’s side since the Camp Rock days. So today, we bring you 9 times these two were total BFF Goals.

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5 respuestas a «9 Times Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas Were BFF Goals»

  1. Avatar de Kirsti Swanson
    Kirsti Swanson

    When I was backstage of a musical I was in me & my friend started singing This is me from camp rock

  2. Avatar de Teen . Barry j1# Jones
    Teen . Barry j1# Jones

    Teen Barryj1# beautiful demi looking good ???????

  3. Avatar de Randomness

    I love them, but I genuinely believe they are best friends and in siblingly way. You can tell when you hear her talk about Dilmer. Now that’s love and affection. I am just glad she has both of them in her life.

  4. Avatar de Sofia Firmino
    Sofia Firmino


    I think if you


    We see you Demi you ain’t slick ??

  5. Avatar de Ikrhouhk Yes
    Ikrhouhk Yes

    I’ll never ship them, her and Joe use to date. Don’t think they’ll go that far and as for talking about nicks photos she is a hypocrite she has worse photos out there.

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