Khloe Kardashian BREAKS SILENCE After Hinting At ‘Complicated’ Relationship


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Khloe Kardashian breaks her silence after accidentally declaring her relationship with Tristan Thompson “complicated”.

You can’t always believe what you… See??

So last weekend the entire Kardashian Jenner gang came together to celebrate Kylie’s 21st birthday. There were multiple parties, stunning outfit changes, and you guessed it… a bit of drama. The latest KarJenner scandal to hit the interwebs revolves around… a freaking cup!! That’s right – the internet FREAKED OUT and went into full-blown NCIS mode after a video surfaced of Khloe dancing with a green solo cup in her hand.

Now if you’re just as confused as we were don’t worry, we’ll break it down. So during Kylie’s bash at Delilah nightclub, the drinks were meant to be enjoyable… and informative. Kylie came up with a clever system to help her single guests figure out who is single and ready to mingle, and who is off limits. The rules were: Single AF-grab a yellow cup, Taken- a pink cup, and if it’s complicated-grab a GREEN cup.

As videos surfaced of Khloe dancing the night away, many fans were quick to notice she was also holding a green cup, which meant she was officially labeling her relationship with Tristan Thompson as “complicated.” While this assumption may seem logical given recent headlines, Khloe was quick to shut these rumors down. She responded to a fan’s Instagram post saying QUOTE, “People are reaching. I ordered a drink, it came in a cup, I drank it. End of story. Not that deep lol. I’m sure I drank out of every colored cup that night.”

And there you have it – The Khloe Cup-Gate has officially been settled. But right now it’s time to turn it over to you guys, what do you think about the status of Khloe’s relationship? Even if the cup was an accident do you think the status could be anything OTHER than complicated? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I’m your host Zoe Lillian Thanks for watching! Click to the right to watch another new Video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels.

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5 Comentarios

  1. Khloe looks great. Better than ever. Especially after just having True. Love her as a blond.
    She’s come into her own. On the other hand there’s Kim. She’s ruined her face with too much surgery … which she says she’s never had… and it’s now beyond fixing. She’s mutilating herself at this point. Doesn’t she realize she looks like a completely different person? And not in a good way.
    The whole world can see. It’s not a secret. Narcissism and denial. A little of both.
    Lately she looks like she’s not showered for days. Actually greasy.
    The ridiculous pink spandex dress thing just added to the dirty effect. She’d have been better off wearing her trusty wife beater. But she seems to have stopped shaving her underarms … so distracting.
    Still …way better than the horrid pink thing that made her look a lot heavier than she is. The whole look was a disaster.
    Doesnt she have ‘people’? Why isn’t anyone telling her she’s become a real mess. And not a hot mess. Just a Vapid,
    Mutilated, Dirty Mess. Certainly NOT the «most interesting one to look at». But U cant turn away.
    She’s become a one woman FREAK SHOW.

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