How Ellen DeGeneres Pioneered LGBT Rights in Hollywood | E! News


In 1997, “Ellen” became the first sitcom to feature a gay lead. Now, 22 years later, she’s still a prime example of pride in entertainment!

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How Ellen DeGeneres Pioneered LGBT Rights in Hollywood | E! News


  1. The Time Has Come:

    like a fungus they grew
    in the night they slew
    all our rights
    we stood back
    and watched

    let not it be said
    now that liberty’s dead
    I thought you
    only wanted to love

    for as a fools’ heart
    turns quickly to tart
    you anger at what is displayed

    your lustful flesh lies
    your spirit it dies
    their tongue
    it led you astray

    we felt so ashamed
    took pity and blame
    allowed sinful acts
    to take hold

    they slaughtered our kin
    and mocked as they grinned
    rewrote the stories of old

    the die has been cast
    this world will not last
    in Scripture
    it has been foretold

    i say now speak loud
    together stand tall
    move swift and
    always be bold

    so put on your armor
    your shield and your sword
    as soldiers prepare ye for war

    this is your last chance
    to heed God’s command
    be hot or be cold
    not lukewarm


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