Former Disney star Michael Mantenuto has died aged 35 – UK Celebrity News


Former Disney star Michael Mantenuto has died aged 35 – UK Celebrity News

Former Disney star Michael Mantenuto, best known for his role as Jack O’Callahan in the 2004 film Miracle, has died aged 35.

The actor committed suicide on Monday at Saltwater State park, where his body was later found in his car on Monday afternoon.

Michael’s death was ruled to be a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to the King County medical examiner’s office in Seattle.
The former actor – who had quit Hollywood for the army – was a University of Maine hockey star before getting his acting break in Miracle, which chronicled the victory of the U.S. hockey team over the much favored Soviet Union team in the 1980 Olympic Games.

The actor took on the role of the real-life player Jack O’Callahan, the fun-loving defensive player.

Following his break-out role in the 2004 flick he went on to land a supporting slot in the 2006 TV movie Dirtbags, and a small role in the 2008 comedy Surfer, Dude followed that.
However, the young actor decided to quit Tinsel Town and joined the Army, where he became a member of the Special Forces.

His death was announced by Colonel Guillaume Beaurpere, commander of Mantenuto’s US Army’s First Special Forces Group.
In a statement the Col said: “Those of you that knew Mike will remember him for his passionate love for his family and his commitment to the health of the force.»
He will be remembered by most of the public for his work on Miracle, which told the real-life story of the American’s victory over the heavily favored Soviet team in the ’80s that was subsequently dubbed the «Miracle on Ice». The U.S. would go on to beat Finland to win gold.

His character Jack injures his knee but returns to the rink to take on the Soviets, and makes a key shot that leads to a U.S. goal.

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