Celebrity Scandal Gossip | Bachelor Star Arrested For Fleeting The Scene of Deadly Accident


Celebrity Scandal Gossip | Bachelor Star Arrested For Fleeting The Scene of Deadly Accident

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own the audio of this video and video source come from mojo in the morning show on channel 955. I’m a big fan of them.

Dirty on the thirty this story blows my
mind former bachelor star Chris Soules
has been released from jail after being
arrested for fleeing from the scene of a
deadly crash in Iowa where he lived
Chris Soules was the bachelor for season 19
this was in 2015 and he was like the
sweetest most innocent gentle bachelor
there was. He was arrested after
witnesses near the scene of the crash
ID’d him and called police
He wasn’t arrested until several hours
later because he refused to leave the
house until police returned with a
search warrant. Police say Souls was in
possession of open alcoholic beverage
containers at the time of crash.
He posted $10,000 bond surrender his
passport has been ordered to wear an
ankle monitor until his trial starts.
He was driving a big old pickup truck when
he slammed into a farmer on a tractor
this happened on Monday night sending
that tractor into a ditch and the farmer
who was driving it later died.
Now next hour the victim’s family is speaking out
and they’re defending crystals rule
we’ll get into that.
The 15 year old girl who was kidnapped by her teacher
for more than a month some new details
on her story and just a warning they are
pretty disturbing. Turns out her own mom
was extremely abusive towards her the
father of Elizabeth, Thomas claims and
divorce documents filed this week that
his wife Kimberly engaged in abuse
against a teenager beating her and
locking her in the basement dad says
that may have contributed to Elizabeth’s
close relationship with her teacher tad
Cummins Kimberly Thomas again is a mom’s
name she’s a mom to ten kids by the way
and it’s looking like she’s physically
abused several of the ten including
Elizabeth she’s accused of banging
Elizabeth’s head on a washer at another
point throwing her down basement stairs
and locking her inside the docs also say
she hit her kids until they bled knocked
one daughter unconscious with a wooden
board threw a chair at another daughter
bruising her leg the children some of
them actually wrote letters to the
Department of Children’s Services about
the abuse before
the mom was arrested one time that’s
according to a relative now Elizabeth’s
dad Anthony was living at home during
this period of alleged abuse he is
citing the abuse as a reason that he’s
divorcing his wife of 30 years now one
this is really sad and two it’s
important because experts say a history
of abuse at home can make kids
particularly susceptible to manipulation
disguised as help as was the case with
this creepy teacher that we’ve been
seeing on the news he allegedly knew
that this abuse was going on at home
between mother and daughter and
therefore took advantage.
Yesterday while discussing women’s entrepreneurship at a
conference in Berlin for starter Ivanka
Trump got some boos from the audience
when she started praising her dad’s
support of women’s issues: «He’s been a
tremendous champion of supporting
families and enabling them to thrive in
the new reality of delay or the the
reaction from from from the audience so
I need to address one more point some
attitudes towards women your father has
publicly displayed in in former times
might leave one questioning whether he
is such a such an empower for women I’ve
certainly heard the criticism from the
media and that’s been prophetic normal
voice but I know from personal
experience and I think the thousands of
women who have worked with and for my
father for decades when he was in the
private sector are a testament to his
beliefs and I’d like her to read me a
bedtime story
yeah our next clip that is the years
I’ve been very very hard to hear at the
beginning but she did others always say
listen and booing and yeah

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