You Can Now Buy High Heeled CROCS But The Internet Has Thoughts


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High heeled crocs exist and they are making people feel some type of way!

Love em or hate em crocs are apparently not going anywhere and the controversial footwear brand recently rolled out a HIGH HEELED version!

The new heeled crocks are called “The Cyprus Heel” and they essentially mix the classic croc aesthetic with an open toed chunky heel.

The high-heeled Crocs been spotted over on Amazon, where the product description reads QUOTE, “This version has an elegant strap design with a little more top-of-foot coverage and attractive metal hardware around the collar.

“You’ll appreciate the subtle elastic on the straps for a more forgiving fit. And we know you’ll like the Croslite foam footbed for all of the cushion and comfort it delivers.”

aside from how unflattering these things seem – the price tag is even worse – The heels are reportedly selling for $80 – $225

And despite how much we’re not feeling these crocs – the customer reviews on amazon are actually pretty positive!

One person wrote QUOTE, “The customer reviews seem pretty sold on the things, too, with one person writing: “Great to have a croc with a heel able to walk in and wear for a length of time.”

While Another said QUOTE, “I love these freakin’ shoes. They’re so comfy and cheap and stylish enough for casual outfits. Highly recommend. (do wish the crocs logo didn’t exist though. pretty much the only reason I knocked off a star.)”

And in case you need any other evidence as to how these things have become fashionable – look no further than high fashion brand Balenciaga – who sells a line of platform Crocs for the low-low price of $850 dollars!

However fear not because there are SOME people out there – who like us – just aren’t convinced that these things are fashionable.

@bonheurchasse on twitter wrote QUOTE, “There are so many sad things going on in the world right now. We didn’t need to add high heel crocs to the list”

And @TheLoMo simply tweeted QUOTE “High heel Crocs… You are monsters #crocs #fashion”

We’ve seen some pretty bizarre trends but high heeled crocs might just take the cake!

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But Now it’s time for us to kick it over to you guys. What are your thoughts these high heeled crocs? Let us know in the comments below. Once you’re done with that click right over here to check out Taco Bells new line of WEDDING ACCESSORIES! As always We’re your hosts Sinead de Vries and Emile Ennis Jr and we’ll see you next time!

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  1. High heeled crocs are SOOOOOO FREAKING COMFORTABLE. They’re good for anyone who value comfort over fashion. And I doubt they’re that expensive. I got a pair a few years back for twenty-some dollars


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