Disney DEBUTS Pineapple Cotton Candy & Here’s Where To Get It


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The OG version was a pineapple dole whip cotton candy that was pretty delish on its own.But now, nothing tops this new one that looks EXACTLY like a real pineapple!
Oh and in addition to the cotton candy being carved to look just like the actual fruit, the entire thing is COVERED in golden PIXIE glitter – because MORE is obviously more!
It’s then topped with a festive mini umbrella or some pineapple leaves for the finishing tropical touch!
Of course Disney goers have already gotten their hands on it and let’s just say we are super jealous because these pictures are EPIC.
In addition to sharing some awesome snaps, fans have also given it their total stamp of approval!
Cali_Kaat on Instagram said quote, “Tried the pineapple cotton candy at Downtown Disney! It was gigantic!! And definitely too much for one person but it tasted great!”
While Instagram user disneyhungry wrote QUOTE, “The craziest, LARGEST serving of cotton candy I have ever seen This is the PINEAPPLE Cotton Candy available at the cotton candy cart in Downtown Disney District, near the entrance of World of Disney. I’m telling you, it is a sight to see! For $8 you will not believe your eyes when they hand this to you. Didn’t completely taste like pineapple to me, but it was sweet, fluffy and totally fun”
Some fans who have tried it have said that it tastes more like vanilla than pineapple, which sounds pretty tasty either way!
Keep in mind that the cotton candy is only available after 4pm on weekdays and after 2pm on weekends!
Now it’s time for us to turn it over to you guys. Are you down to try Disney’s epic new Pineapple cotton candy? Let us know in the comments below. When you’re done with that click right over here to check out Disney’s new rose gold sequined backpacks!

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  1. Ok when I went to Disney in March they had pineapple candy at paradise pier. It was in a bag. I had some because it sounded good and it was good but was that not the debut? I guess this pineapple cotton candy looks different from the ones in the bags.

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