Demi Lovato CLAPS BACK At Fan Who Details HORRIBLE Meet & Greet Experience

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Meeting your favorite singer is dream for most fans, but one Demi Lovato fan is slamming Demi for her behavior during a meet and greet.

Let’s just say Demi is not happy about what was said.

Demi has been an advocate for mental health and has opened up many times about issues that she’s struggled with in the past. One longtime Demi fan is saying that Demi ‘blew him off’ when he tried to talk to her about his struggles during a meet and greet. The fan, Mike Peretz, tells his encounter to Hollywood Life saying, “I walked in and Demi was standing there. I knew I had only 10 seconds with her, so I planned on telling her how much she meant to me. I know in interviews she said meeting her fans was super meaningful. I think she said on Ellen once that fans have told her that she was their inspiration and that she has changed their life and that really hits hard and means a lot to her. So, I took the picture with her and she never even really looked at me or anything, she never really looked at anyone. She would say, ‘Hi,’ and then walk away and that was it. After she took her picture with me, I was like, ‘Hey, I want to let you know, I am bipolar and anorexic and I have struggled with a lot of those things. You have been a big part of helping me and an inspiration in getting me to a good place and you have really helped me and saved my life. I just want to say thank you.’ Then, she liked finally looked away from the camera and was like, ‘Okay,’ and then looked back and that was it.”

Of course we all have an idea of what it will be like when we meet our favorite celeb, but Mike seemed to be really hurt by this saying, “At first I was underwhelmed. I was so nervous going in and I paid a lot of money to meet her. I realized later how sh*tty it was. I went from this is a waste of money, to thinking, ‘This is kind of dangerous thinking about the bigger implications.’ I was over it, she was sh*tty. I was trying not to care, but thinking about how she built her brand on caring about these mental health issues, and she blew me off.”

Apparently this isn’t an isolated incident. A few other Demi fans on Reddit said similar things regarding the meet and greets with Demi. One fan said, “I won M&G through a charity auction and had the same experience! I was nothing more than just another person in line.”

While one user said, “Maybe that wasn’t really Demi you met but Poot replacing her for the evening?”

Demi responded in what looks to be an Instagram comment saying “If my meet and greets aren’t good enough for you guys then why do them anymore?”

Hopefully, this can all be resolved in some way, but I want to know what you think about this? Would you be upset or do you think he’s overreacting? Let us know in the comment section below and then click right over here to see Amber Rose clap back at haters who were dissing her son for liking Taylor Swift. And of course don’t forget to hit that subscribe button! Thanks so much for watching News Feed, I’m Emile Ennis Jr., and as always I’ll see you next time!

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5 respuestas a «Demi Lovato CLAPS BACK At Fan Who Details HORRIBLE Meet & Greet Experience»

  1. Avatar de Moses Sanchez
    Moses Sanchez

    Demi trash bye

  2. Avatar de Cindy Fragosa
    Cindy Fragosa

    I met her back in NYC for her Demi holiday greets for the confidence release and she was super nice to me and the whole group! We all have our off days.

  3. Avatar de Mary Clark
    Mary Clark

    Not related to this exact incident just a pattern I see, Demi seems to be a bit of bully. When you clap back” it’s a form of bullying, ie, tearing someone down to make you feel better. I know she has bipolar, I have family members with it, so I know the effects. But for someone who talks about the importance of not bullying she seems to only care about doing that to people who are nice to her, but if people openly state they don’t like her, she has no problem, insulting or tearing them down.

  4. Avatar de Beautiful Seven
    Beautiful Seven

    It doesn’t matter how bad your day could have been period,it may sound stupid but Demi you wouldn’t even be FAMOUS if you didn’t have fans,and being disrespectful like that to one of them is just completely subcritical like…what,if I were famous I’d definitely acknowledge my fans and it’s possible because Selena Quintanilla always did so and made a great role model, extremely upset at you Demi…

  5. Avatar de Dream and Hope
    Dream and Hope

    I’m really starting to not like her anymore.She has talent but a shitty attitude.

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