Cole Sprouse Says Bughead «Work Together Best» On Riverdale


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Between everything that’s gone down in the town of Riverdale, sustaining a stable relationship isn’t exactly an easy task, as seen first-hand from both Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones AKA Bughead. Fans have been rooting for the two since day one, but if you’ve been keeping up with Riverdale, the pair have been giving us all slight glimmers of hope that they’re literally meant for each other.

As if their onscreen chemistry wasn’t already enough of a confirmation, Cole Sprouse recently sat down with TV Guide, where he further confirmed what we’ve already known since the start of it all, that Bughead work best when they’re together.

It’s like music to our ears!! One thing Cole also mentioned, however, was the fact that since these two have been on-again-off-again since season one, there hasn’t exactly been a formal declaration in words as to whether they’re reunited. But hey, when you’re busy hiding a dead body, dumping the evidence into the pond and trying not to get caught, there’s really no time for a formal agreement… it’s all in due time!

But in even better news, Cole did mention that the next few episodes will only get better. He said QUOTE, “I think these next two episodes are really establishing that they need each other’s assistance.” PRAISE ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY.

Lili Reinhart had a similar opinion on the matter, and she just so happened to also confirm Bughead’s undeniable chemistry in one simple tweet following this week’s episode. After the episode aired, she tweeted QUOTE, “Boyfriend of the year: Juggy. Helping his girl out. Ya know, doing illegal things, but still romantic.”

Ok, so yeah, she’s not talking about an IRL boyfriend *COUGH COLE SPROUSE*, but characters are real people too, right? Naturally, this had many Bughead fans freaking out, as some responded to her tweet with comments like, “the best endgame anyone could ever ask for» and “so we officially have our #bughead back.”

Needless to say, we’re so excited to see where this relationship goes in the coming episodes, but right now, I want to know all your thoughts and excitement on Cole and Lili’s comments about Bughead, so get to talking down here in the comments, and after that, be sure to click right over here to get the sitch on the upcoming Kim Possible live-action movie in the works. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi and I’ll see you next time

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  1. They fight all the time, it’s toxic and abusive. Plus the majority of bughead shippers are annoying as fuck. Also let’s not forget that Jughead is a canon asexual character in the comics, and how bughead ruined the slightest representation of asexuality.

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