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In an essay for Medium titled «Rose-Colored Glasses: A Confession,”Chloe Dykstra described an abusive relationship with an ex-boyfriend in her early ’20s, during which she claims she suffered «long-term abuse,» sexual assault and career blacklisting. Although she did not name her ex many have interpreted the essay to be about her relationship with Chris Hardwick. The details about the “mildly successful podcaster” who grew into “a powerhouse CEO of his own company” suggest she was referring to him.The Nerdist founder has been scrubbed from the website he founded.

Natalie Portman appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and called her former classmate are Kushner a “super villain.” She said they that had been “friendly,” but then alluded to the fact that they were no longer in contact.
“Unfortunately it’s not very — there’s not a lot funny to say about someone you were friends with becoming a super villain,” Portman said. “So, it’s not funny.”

Giuliana Rancic is returning to E! News. The network announced that she will return to co-host the show with Jason Kennedy. Rancic left her regular hosting spot three years ago. She joined as a correspondent in 2002. She returns in September 4th.

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  1. Avatar de Chris Namaste
    Chris Namaste

    if u look at pics with chloe, chris never looks his ‘happy self’, now he is with his wonderful wife, stars in both their eyes, chloe has issues (thats clear eh), and now harming chris after she askd to get back together – when he broke up with her since she cheated on him? really? if he was so ‘abusive’, she even went to another man? then askd to come bck? all bs. hope karma faces her one day & she fixes her issues

  2. PLEASE NO!!!

    1. Avatar de Anne Fawcett
      Anne Fawcett

      _ eel poo

  3. Not Him!

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