Charlie Puth Tweets SAD Cryptic Message About Mystery Girl & Does Impressions With Liam Payne


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Over the weekend Charlie Puth took to Twitter to do a confession. Charlie tweeted cryptically, “It takes me awhile to admit it but I really really messed it up with this one girl.” He gave us one more hint tweeting, “She’s a good singer too.”

Of course Charlie didn’t name his failed romance, leading fans to speculate WHO he was talking about. While he COULD be referring to recent fling Bella Thorne fans want to believe he’s talking about his “We Don’t Talk Anymore” duet partner Selena Gomez.

Charlie is currently working on his second album, so this means he could be making some Taylor-Swift-inspired tunes about his past exes. Even better, Charlie may be collaborating with One Direction’s Liam Payne! Charlie recently posted a Snapchat video of two doing their best Family Guy impressions- take a look!

The video doesn’t appear to be in a recording studio, but here’s to hoping this budding bromance means the two are working on new music together. We know that Liam has been in Los Angeles specifically to finish his debut album before his baby with Cheryl arrives.

It’s time for you to voice your opinion! Do you think Charlie was talking about Selena in his tweets? Tell us by leaving a comment below. I’m your host Erin Robinson, thanks for tuning in.

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4 Comentarios

  1. Selena can sing. Personally I don’t think he would’ve done a duet with her
    if she «couldn’t sing» . She’s an amazing singer to me. Anyways it probably
    is about selena. he doesn’t follow her back on insta but she follows him.

  2. It’s not Selena. At least I don’t think… They’re best friends. BUT he
    could’ve had a crush on Selena and got friend zoned

  3. Charlie Puth reminds me of the quiet frail kid from middle school who later
    comes out of the closet and finally admits he likes men.

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