Ariana Grande CONFIRMS Pete Davidson Engagement?! – Justin Bieber SUPPORTS Queer Fan (DHR)


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Ariana confirms her engagement to Pete, and Justin comforts a fan about acceptance. All this & more on today’s DHR.

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  1. Ari’s Engagement (my opinion)

    Do i think they should have engaged this soon? *no!*
    Is Ari happy? *yes!*
    Since Ari’s happy should she get engaged this quick? *yesss*
    *I SHIP EM*

  2. To be engaged after only being together for 2 weeks is kind of foolish… you got so much time in your life/relationship to be getting engage so fast. I understand they’re happy with each other but that doesn’t mean you gotta rush anything..

    • Savana joy I totally agree with you people hating on me for saying something that is true!! But not saying that Maggie did she was just expressing her feelings.

    • maggie poulariani given that her and Mac Miller broke up early May (or it was confirmed then), I can only assume Ari and him haven’t been dating for more than 2 months. Which is still a short time to be considering an engagement.

    • Savana joy but no one really knows how long they’ve been together, we just knew it when they “confirmed it”, maybe they were dating before.. dn’t know

  3. Love what Emile said @5:40 ♥️ It can be so hard finding a church that accepts you & I have so many friends that have had the same predicament. Great message & very well put!


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