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There’s a brand new pop up bar that’s hitting Los Angeles, and it sounds pretty groovy, baby.

If you’re in the L.A. area in April AND happen to be a big fan of the Austin Powers movies, you’ll want to hop on over to the Electric Pussycat for a swingin’ good time.

Yes, the popular comedic franchise starring Mike Meyers is coming to life thanks to this pop up bar that invades Glendale starting April 14.

According to LA Eater, the Electric Pussycat will transport you to the 1960s thanks to quote “a mod cocktail bar with neon lighting, swinging clear plastic lounge chairs, hanging beads, and disco-style light-up flooring.” You’ll also find an Austin Powers impersonator, Fembots roaming around aimlessly, and you’ll get to sip on cocktails like the Phat Bastard.

*host does 60s style dance moves* Ok, sorry just had to get that out of my system

Yes, from restaurants to boutiques to spas, and everything in between, it seems can’t get enough of pop ups these days.

However, bars seem to be one of the most popular iterations of this particular trend, and when you throw in a dose of nostalgia, it’s the perfect recipe for an Instagram trap.

At least a bar provides a little more entertainment than, I don’t know, the Museum of Ice Cream? No shade though!

Anywayssss, in addition to the Austin Powers-themed Electric Pussycat, there are quite a few other pop culture bars, that we’re gonna school you on right now! In fact, some of these pop ups became so popular they didn’t just pop. They stayed put!

First, we have Beetle House, which celebrates all things Tim Burton. It started off in New York City, but made its way to LA in May 2017. The menu features cocktails like This Is Halloween, The Beetle’s Juice, and Alice’s Cup of Tea. As for food, you could order Edward Burger Hands, Goth Ravioli, or Chesire Mac and Cheese.

These people get an A+ for details.

While it was meant to be temporary, as of right now, it’s still around and you can make reservations if you feel like a creepy evening celebrating the masterful movie maker. But you might wanna Google it before you head out, just saying.

On a similar note, if you’re a hardcore Alice in Wonderland fan in the southern California area, you can head over to The Rabbit Hole in Canoga Park, which isn’t technically a pop up since it’s just a regular bar, but it’s just as whimsical.

Next up, we’re heading to a galaxy far, far away.

Ok, it’s not that far, but it is a Star Wars-themed bar.

The Scum & Villainy Cantina made its way to Hollywood in 2016, but again — sensing a theme here — it was so popular it became permanent in 2017.

In fact, it’s not JUST for Star Wars-lovers since their Instagram page describes them as “Your friendly neighborhood geek bar.” They also host lots of events with Kevin Smith, aka like KING of the geeks, so you might want to make your way over there if you’re a hardcore Star Wars lover.

Moving on…
If you haven’t guessed it, our next pop up bar is all about Will Ferrell. Stay Classy — based on the famous “Stay Classy, San Diego” Anchorman quote — was a popular bar that tore through Los Angeles at the end of 2016. Though the pop up was only around for about 10 days, people threw on their best Will Ferrell-themed costumes — shout out to Elf — and partied like Ron Burgundy.

It started off in New York, but travels around the country, so there’s a chance you can experience this for yourself.

You stay classy, Stay Classy.

Moving on, we have the Saved By the Bell pop up that gives people the chance to step inside their favorite 90’s TV show.

Appropriately titled, “Saved By the Max,” the restaurant is basically an exact replica of the Max diner from Saved By the Bell. There’s also a separate room that resembles Mr. Belding’s office. The pop up started off in Chicago, but is set to invade LA on May 1.

You can get dinner or brunch at the Max, or even enjoy a cocktail — like the “I’m So Excited” drink, which features vodka, red bull, and rose.

Uhhhh, yeah you’ll be pretty excited after drinking that, I’ll say.

I’m kind of sad that these are pop ups are so fleeting, but hey, there always seems to be a new one — popping up.

What do you think of these themed bars? What do you think they should do next? Hit the comments to get the convo going, then click HERE to get a breakdown of the most Instagram-worthy Starbucks drinks. And don’t forget to subscribe too! I’m your host Renee Ariel, thanks so much for tuning into Clevver, we’ll see you next time!

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