Taylor Swift FACES BACKLASH For NEW Video – Jake Paul BECOMES Talk Show Host?! (DHR)

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Taylor gets into some hot water over her new video for ‘Delicate’ and Jake’s getting his own talk show? All this & more on today’s DHR.

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5 respuestas a «Taylor Swift FACES BACKLASH For NEW Video – Jake Paul BECOMES Talk Show Host?! (DHR)»

  1. Avatar de Hadleigh

    Just as Jake Paul was getting irrelevant..

  2. Avatar de thedora41

    I don’t understand why you keep talking about the big NOTHING. You sh*t words just to state an opinion. You don’t always have to have one. I get that, this is probably one of the points of dhr, but you explain way too long the big nothing. If Taylor did a romantic loving music video LIKE wildest dreams, your problem would be «Why is she doing a video like Wildest dreams? We expected more, something different. Can’t she bring something new to the table?» Ya get what I’m saying? And stop justifying you’re big Taylor fans. It’s out of date. Just stop… And btw, if you were fans, you’d freakin understand why she’s doing what she’s doing artistically. Ugh. I like dhr, but lately you’ve been annoyingly opinionated.

  3. Avatar de YeahJustAnna

    I think it’s a delicate and personal video for a delicate and personal song. Also that first “fan” was not a fan. Jake Paul can leave though.

  4. Avatar de Harmonizer & Camilizer Forever
    Harmonizer & Camilizer Forever

    why is youtube letting jake asshole paul to have his own talk show? after the shit he did they don’t think that they well get backlash for it?

  5. Avatar de Rhiannon or Rainy
    Rhiannon or Rainy

    She didn’t rip off anything. The whole video took place in different places not just the hotel.

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