Hollywood’s Top 15 Cute Gay Celebrity Couples Who Are Engage OR Married | Famous Gay Couples 2018 S


Celebrity News Today Presents: Hollywood’s Top 15 Cute Gay Celebrity Couples Who Are Engage OR Married | Famous Gay Couples 2018.

◼ Gay Celebrity Couples :

◼ Gay Star News:
Day By Day, America and other countries has been recognizing the rights of gay men and women to marry, finally giving famous gay couples a chance to step out of the shadows and have the weddings of their dreams come true. Now that the LGBT community has marriage equality, a new form of Gay Celebrity Couples has begun to rise through the ranks of the Hollywood elite. Gay Hollywood Gay Celebrity Couples are more comfortable than ever stepping out with their beaus.

The Gay Celebrity Couples on this list are from a multitude of worlds, some of them work in front of the camera, some behind, while others are mavens in the fashion and interior design industries. There’s a good chance you see some of these gay hollywood on TV every day, and that’s why they’re on this list of the coolest Gay Celebrity Couples.

Famous Gay Couples have been in the lime light for decades, and there are rumors that there were famous gay couples going all the way back to the Leonardo DaVinci and Jacopo Saltarelli. Still gay male relationships weren’t truly acknowledged until the 20th century. Some of the gay hollywood couples on this list were together long before their relationships were accepted by the general public, and that virtue alone lands them on this list of famous gay people who are in awesome power couples.

In honor of marriage equality, take some time to see these Gay Celebrity Couples and then vote up the most impressive Famous Gay Couples!

◼ List Of Famous Gay Couples:

◾ Barry Manilow and Garry Kief
◾ Cheyenne Jackson and Jason Landau
◾ Daniel Franzese and Joseph Bradley Phillips
◾ Elton John and David Furnish
◾ George Takei and Brad Altman
◾ Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita
◾ Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov
◾ Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez
◾ Lance Bass and Michael Turchin
◾ Matt Bomer and Simon Halls
◾ Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton
◾ Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent
◾ Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka
◾ Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef
◾ Ryan Murphy and David Miller
◾ Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black

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