Louis Tomlinson & Danielle Campbell BREAK UP? Danielle Spotted With Gregg Sulkin?


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Hold up. Did Louis Tomlinson & Danielle Campbell break up?
And more importantly is she dating Gregg Sulkin?
There are major rumors circulating all over the interweb that 1. Danielle Campbell and Louis Tomlinson have broken up. SAD, and 2. Danielle is now dating Greg Sulkin. CRAZY. Really, nobody actually knows whether or not these rumors are legit, because the only evidence suggesting there may be some truth to the talk are a couple of blurry pictures & a vid on social media. Let’s break it down.
Please examine Exhibit A. Somehow, this now viral photo has fans freaking out. In the photo, we see a guy who KIIIIINDA looks like Danielle and a guy who is supposedly Greg holding hands. And if you’re totally not convinced, I don’t blame you, BUUUUT there are multiple people saying these two ARE Danielle and Greg, which in that case…. What?
It was just a week ago that Danielle shared a photo of her and Louis on her insta in honor of his birthday writing “Happy Birthday My Love,” plus a source close to the couple told Just Jared QUOTE “Danielle and Greg have been dating for years and are not dating each other, so this really makes no sense.
But that’s not all, Danielle and Greg were allegedly spotted together on New Year Eve. In a not-so-revealing snapchat, we definitely see Greg surrounded people, one of which fans are saying is Danielle.
If we’re supposed to believe that one of those 3 girls are Danielle, then she’s actually sharing a friendly New Year’s kiss with two people who are neither Greg Sulkin nor Louis Tomlinson. So I’m still waiting for some hard proof, and I want to know what you guys think.
Do you think it’s possible that Danielle and Louis secretly broke up and now she’s moved on to Greg Sulkin? Share all your thoughts below and then click right here to see us take on the Wet Squeeze Body Challenge right here on a brand new That Got Weird. And don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. I’m your host Sinead de Vries and I’ll see you guys later.

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  1. Plus u need to stop with it. No other ship does this so stfu.. not trying
    to be rude. But fr I’m a Narry fan I don’t go around saying that it’s
    narrie’s real, and it’s there yr! Yes I have a fan acc but that’s it so why
    can’t y’all be like that?

  2. Anyone who calls themselves «Larry» isn’t a real 1D fan. You all are
    mentally insane and need to let these men live their lives; they don’t need
    a bunch little girls dictating their every move.

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