Little Mix Release BTS of «Touch» Video & Show Proof That Jesy Wasn’t Photoshopped?

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Little Mix releases behind the scenes footage from their “Touch” video–does it prove that Jesy wasn’t photoshopped?! Plus more fun moments from the shoot!
New BTS footage from the “Touch” video shows that Jesy’s photoshop drama might just be a case of an unfortunate optical illusion.

Fans slammed the makers of the music video for “Touch” after it was released, pointing out that it looked like Jesy’s body had been photoshopped to make her waist look smaller. They pointed out how the wavy lines behind Jesy looked distorted around her waist, which is usually a tell-tale sign that a photo has been digitally manipulated.

But as the new Behind the Scenes footage shows, the lines behind Jesy only look wavy because there’s an angled wall behind her–and since she’s standing in the middle, none of the other girls have the same angled wall in their background.
Mystery solved! In addition to clearing up the photoshop scandal, the BTS footage also features the girls talking about the concept behind the music video, which is basically the girls dancing through a hot-man maze.
I’m so glad that photoshop drama got cleared up because now we can all focus on just how HOT this music video is! One fun “BTS” fact that Perrie shared involved a physical mishap between Jesy and Leigh Anne, thanks to all that intense choreography.
Working through a cut lip and calling it “Good times” signifies just how badass these ladies are, which is one of the many reasons why we’re so obsessed with them.

And as easy as they make it look, it’s obvious from the BTS footage that the girls put in WORK for this video–and it certainly paid off because they look absolutely incredible.

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  1. Avatar de hoodjonjon1

    So no one was going to talk about PARRI$ being there?

  2. Avatar de HEY I AM EDWIN

    Nobody talks about Demi lovatoooooo whyyyyy

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      Rossa.M challenges

      because shes not really that popular anymore after she made those
      anouncments about stopping music

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    Ekna Dainaka

    you all arguing about her body while she’s doing well and doesn’t even give
    a fuck lol.

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    Am I the only one that thought of BTS the k-pop group ?

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    Honestly I don’t care whether she’s photoshopped or not…she’s still body

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